Visa Information

Who needs a visa?

Participants from countries who do not have a visa waiver arrangement with New Zealand will need to apply for a visa before they travel to New Zealand. This includes all countries that do not appear on the current list of visa waiver countries.

Participants from visa waiver countries do not need a visa to travel to New Zealand but do need to be able to show evidence of onward travel from New Zealand in order to enter.

All travelers are urged to be knowledgeable of the rules of any countries through which they must transit. For a number of participants, Australia may be a transit country (more information on transiting through Australia below).

Applying for a visitor visa

GFETW participants requiring visas must apply at least 6 weeks prior to departure

Visa application forms may be found on the Immigration New Zealand website.

Visa applicants will need:

• A fully completed visa application form with 2 passport size photos

• Application fee

• Passport valid for at least 3 months beyond the departure date

• A letter of invitation from the GFETW Coordinator

• Evidence of funds to support your stay in New Zealand (NZD1000 per month or NZD400 per month if accommodation is prepaid)

• Evidence of onward travel from New Zealand (V2.25.1 “Evidence of means to leave New Zealand”)

Please note that individual Immigration New Zealand branches/case officers may request additional information to that mentioned above as part of the requirements for assessing the visa application. If additional information is requested, it must be provided to the case officer.

Transit visa for Australia

Some countries are eligible to transit through Australia without a transit visa. The list of countries that do not need a transit visa is available here.

All other nationalities must hold a valid transit visa for Australia. Details on how to apply can be found here.


All participants who may require visas must apply as early as possible.


Information here is updated regularly but should be confirmed on the official websites of Immigration New Zealand and the Australian Department of Immigration.

Fulfillment of the requirements for obtaining a visa is a personal matter that can only be accomplished by the applicant; however, in the event that an applicant has questions, the organizers of the 5th GFETW may be able to assist.

The decision whether or not to issue a visa will be taken by the competent authorities of New Zealand according to their relevant procedures and practices. The organizers of the 5th GFETW make no guarantees in this regard and take no responsibility for the outcomes of these procedures.