Call For Abstracts

Update October 8, 2015: Abstracts for presentations for the 5th GFETW are still being accepted. The formal review process is beginning soon, so submit your abstracts as soon as possible!

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The International MCS Network is currently accepting nominations for presentations for the Fifth Global Fisheries Enforcement Training Workshop (5th GFETW), which will be hosted by New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries in Auckland March 7-11, 2016.

The GFETW is a biennial conference that offers fisheries-related MCS practitioners from around the world a unique opportunity to discuss and resolve issues relating to their work. Previous GFETWs, convened in Malaysia, Norway, Mozambique and Costa Rica, promoted cooperation between enforcement authorities across national borders and introduced participants to effective MCS methods and technologies.

The 5th GFETW will focus on ‘The collective regional and global efforts in combatting IUU fishing using effective MCS management tools to protect the sustainability and cultural and economic viability of all fish stocks.’

The Network is seeking nominations for presentations designed for fisheries officials and other MCS practitioners to enhance their skills and knowledge, in the following categories:

  • Case studies of Regional & Global Cooperation in the field of MCS and fisheries enforcement
  • Cost-effective technology enablers in combatting IUU
  • Tackling Transnational IUU Fishing
  • Fisheries enforcement and MCS capability and capacity building activities
  • Partnerships, sponsorship and technical assistance
  • Case studies of the utilisation of MCS tools in indigenous fishing
  • Risk assessment of IUU fishing in fisheries and areas

A nomination must consist of a short abstract (no longer than 200 words) that summarizes and states the goal or outcome of the proposed presentation.

Nominations will be accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis until September 30, 2015, with those submitted earlier having a greater chance of being selected for inclusion in the programme of the 5th GFETW. Submission of academic papers is discouraged.

Nominations should be emailed to