About New Zealand


Aotearoa (New Zealand) is a small island nation in the south-west Pacific and comprises two main islands (the North Island and the South Island) and a number of smaller outlying Islands including Stewart Island and the Chatham Islands. The population of New Zealand is approximately 4.5 million.

The Māori were the original inhabitants of New Zealand and have a rich history and a living culture.

In 1840, the British Crown and the Māori Chiefs signed the Treaty of Waitangi. The treaty is New Zealand’s founding document and takes its name from where it was first signed. It is a broad statement of principles and agreements between the Māori and the English to found a nation and form a Government.

Opportunities for GFETW participants to holiday in New Zealand either before or after the workshop include a choice of an extensive range of activities from outdoor adventure to more relaxing pursuits such as local cuisine and cultural experiences.

More information about New Zealand can be found at www.newzealand.com.